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Thesis about oedipus the king

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Please join StudyMode to read the full document. The themes of sight and blindness occur frequently throughout the play Oedipus Rex by Sophocles. These symbols serve to develop the unity of the play and reveal the traits of the characters. Oedipus , Tiresias, and Jocasta are very different in their perceptions of sight. Oedipus , the successful King of Thebes, is a man with the ability to see but is metaphorically blind--blind to the truth of his role in the murder of Laius. He sets out diligently to find the murderer of Laius, who is a plague to the city of Thebes.

Oedipus The King Thesis

Blindness in Oedipus the King Essay on

Themes tend to be more the idea you get after reading a book and reflecting about it, while a thesis statement is a debatable statement that the author puts in the book. A thesis statement would be specifically stated in the text. A theme and thesis statement tend to be in two different types of written works, explained later in the text. The one similarity that themes and thesis statements have, is the fact. Review the research paper Grading Rubric to see how your submission will be graded.

An Analysis of Oedipus the King

Oedipus the King has many images of blindness, both physical and blindness of the mind. The characters surrounding these images are Oedipus and Tiresias the prophet. When the play begins Oedipus has vision and Tiresias cannot see, but by the end of the play, it is clear who can really see and who is blind. When Oedipus first encounters Tiresias, the blind prophet proceeds to tell Oedipus after much pressure that Oedipus is the one who has brought the great plague down upon Thebes and that he is the murderer he has sent the residents of the city to find and cast away.
He then chooses, though ruled by anger, to kill an old man blocking his path, who later is discovered to be his real father, King Laius. Sure, it was fate that made Oedipus kill his father, but free will that made him kill Laius that day, in that way. After discovering she married her son, Jocasta makes the choice to kill herself. Nothing intervened or predicted her death, it was her choice. Even though King Lauis tries to kill Oedipus to stop the fulfillment of this shameful prophecy, fate drives the Corinthian messenger to save Oedipus.

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