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Professor Dicey wrote about his take on the Rule of Law in his book, Introduction to the study of the law of the constitution. Dicey believed the rule of law could be summarised by three broad aims. Dicey voiced no man is punishable or can be lawfully made to suffer in body or goods except for a distinct breach of law established in the ordinary legal manner before the ordinary courts of the land. In this sense, the rule of law is contrasted with every system of government based on the exercise by persons in authority of wide, arbitrary, or discretionary powers of constraint. This suggested that in England, you were not allowed to be taken to prison if there was no proof of a law being broken.

Concept of Law

The Concept of Law Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Law-enforcement practices can be traced back to the year when King William attacked and conquered England. The king partitioned England into military areas and assigned each area an officer, who could control it. In addition to these officers, he assigned judges who went round handling criminal cases. Historical crimes that the judges dealt with were a disturbance of peace, murder, violence, arson, and robbery. Most of the historical law enforcement systems were centralized and had less emphasis on individual needs.

Essay on Law and Society: An Introduction

Hart sought to provide a theory of descriptive sociology and analytical jurisprudence. Hart answers these by placing law into a social context while at the same time leaving the capability for rigorous analysis of legal terms, which in effect "awakened English jurisprudence from its comfortable slumbers". Hart's book has remained "one of the most influential text of analytical legal philosophy", [4] as well as "the most successful work of analytical jurisprudence ever to appear in the common law world. How does legal obligation differ from, and how is it related to, moral obligation? What are rules and to what extent is law an affair of rules?
Author: Elizabeth Brown. If you are a law student, you have probably already faced the question of how to write an essay on this discipline. This is not an easy task because the requirements for a law essay often differ. In addition, you need to state your position and back it up with arguments clearly for others to understand.

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