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Why war is bad essay

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So many lives were lost due to the changing of the known world at that time. Unprepared leaders in war and government could not react to their failures were the cause of the mass deaths. God used this war to show that He is all powerful over man. This war was merely men killing other men in organized ways. And yet, God controlled even…. Continuing, he states that we are winning significant battles, but ultimately losing the war.

How War Can Be Used to Solve Problems in the World

Is War Good or Bad Free Essay Example

The debate about the morality of terrorism has become a hot topic today, and a common question is caused whether terrorism is justified or whether it is always wrong. One the one hand, some thinkers believe that sometimes terrorism is moral and justified such as utilitarian thinkers, political realists. The political realist supports terrorism is justified if people take effective violence to protect the interests. For now, this may seem like a mistake, like this is all a mistake, and that the statement itself cannot possibly be what is meant to be written in the first sentence of this page. But it is supposed to be there, because there it is, bold and right. It not only proves a statement wrong, but manages to determine countless.

Why War Is Bad?

There are few wars so popular that everyone in a society supports it; thus, even when support is unusually widespread, there will always be a few who dissent from popular opinion and object to their country engaging in war, arguing that the conflict is immoral and unethical. Quite often, they are attacked for their stand and accused of being unpatriotic, immoral, naive, and even treasonous. Although some might agree with the "unpatriotic" label and claim that patriotism is a misplaced loyalty, that is relatively rare.
In: English and Literature. It depends on why the war is being fought, who is fighting the war, and how the war is being fought. These are three big reason's that come to mind when I think about war and peace.

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