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Should mobile phones be allowed at school essay

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Over the years cell phones and technology in general has dominated the world. Cell phones and other devices have become more and more difficult to regulate during school hours. Though schools should encourage progress and embrace new technology, it can be difficult to regulate the use of cell phones for academic use only. Phones have become a way to stay connected, communicate and search with ease, but they also can negatively impact a classroom environment. Cell phones will continue to have an impact on society and because cell phones negatively impact the classroom environment in schools, they should have a right to regulate or enforce a cell phone policy during school hours.

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Cell Phones Should Be Banned in Schools Essay

Why mobile phones should be allowed in schools? Some teachers and parents believe that their kids should not be allowed to take their mobile phones into school, and I can understand why. Because for some students they can be a massive distraction to their learning and they can be used to cheat on tests if they sneak them into exams. However, I do believe there are a lot of benefits to allowing children to keep their phone during school.
Why cell phone use should be allowed Most schools do not allow the use of cell phones in school or in class, so the school feels like changing their policy of cell phone use might be a bad idea. Students could take advantage or miss use the privilege of phones in class. There will always be students who act out in class, but the school must discipline those who do and reward those who do not. Phones are easy to use and very accessible by both students and teachers. One reasons cell phones shouldn't be allowed in school is because it is a distraction.

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