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Francis fukuyama s influential 1989 essay

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Fukuyama draws heavily on the Philosophy of Hegel and its interpretation by Kojeve. Hegel , to summarize, saw history as evolving through conflict between opposing ideas Hegelian dialectics of thesis, antithesis and synthesis. Kojeve translated this highly influential line of thought into an argument holding that the final condition of humanity's socio-political order is a homogeneous state ruled by a single victorious ideology. This will mark the end of ideology and therefore of history since such a society will be, according to Kojeve, a "post-political" society which won't be divided by ideological differences. In "The End of History and the Last Man" Fukuyama sees the end of the Cold-War and the fall of the Berlin Wall as marking the end of ideological conflict with the unchallenged establishment of Western liberal democracy as the final ideological stage of human evolution. After the opposition between the liberal West and the communist world was resolved Fukuyama sees no further direction in which history can go.


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Global warming, nuclear proliferation, chaos in Eastern Europe. Even the notion of post is over. Post-modernism, post-history, post-culture to borrow the critic George Steiner's term - we're beyond that now. Thurow in The New York Times. What follows post? Samuel P.

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Other ideologies communism, fascism, etc. Fukuyama suggests that history can be summarized by different ideologies. Marx, according to Fukuyama, borrowed this idea of a beginning middle and end of history from Hegel. Main Idea Fukuyama implies that human history must be analysed.
The ascendancy of Western liberal democracy would not only end the cold war but would lead to a general calming in world affairs. Fukuyama claimed that humanity has reached "not just The "end of history" thesis has been repeated so often over the years until it has, despite much evidence to the contrary, acquired a ring of truth. That is, until the Coronavirus pandemic appeared seemingly out of nowhere to challenge this almost uncontested given in current modern intellectual thought.

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