Bonefishing Los Roques
Los Roques - Fly Fishing
Las Flores 110, Gran Roque, Venezuela
Gran Roque
Dependencias Federales
+58 212 2842015
+58 424 2998552

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Bonefishing - Fly Fishing Los Roques

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Los Roques:

Las Flores 110, Gran Roque, Venezuela.

Mobile - WhatsApp: +58 424 2998552

Telephone: +58 212 2842015

International:  +1 320-433-1993

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Great location and guide

Upon hearing about this place. I decided to send these guys a mail. They got me booked onto a tour. Our attempt to catch some bait fish was not successful so we moved on to some of the shipwreck areas to try our luck. We did catch a nice little Blackfin which was a keeper. As soon as the bait hit depth we hooked a 43 inch Almaco Jack which I reeled in! Great experience. We then went for another attempt and a short Time later hit a 50 inch Amber Jack! What a fight pulling him in. We then moved spots one more time and caught a 36 inch Grouper! Too bad he was out of season so we sent him back to the depths! The crew here was fantastic and this was my best fishing experience yet by far - Highly recommend..


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