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Pez Raton Posada Mediterraneo Los RoquesLodging in Los Roques.

Anglers can stay either at the Island of Gran Roque, the main island or onboard a boat.
We offer Superior Lodging only in Natura Viva - Macanao - Acuarela Lodge by Enrico, and of course Mediterraneo Lodge >

8 rooms each with private bath room. Comfortable space and fresh ventilation + a great kitchen accompanied by the magic treat of the hostess.
Accommodation is on the beach and you do not have to walk far to get to the pier where your fishing adventure is going to start.
Some fishermen now like to stay close to the flats so they can enjoy early morning and late evening fishing. For those enthusiasts we offer accommodations on our catamaran where you will enjoy the feeling of being on the sea and discover the beauty of sailing as well as fishing.

Your crew onboard will make this fishing holiday more special than ever.
Our boat can accommodate 8 passengers and is designed for cruising, it is well ventilated so there is absolutely no need for any air condition.

Comfort is achieved by the boats excellent design - more about boats in Los Roques.