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In Los Roques you find the best flats for fly fishing in all of the Caribbean. This combined with an excellent climate, fresh breeze and not to mention completely out of the hurricane belt.
On top of that you find some of the most awesome scenery with naturally beauty all around you.
The Geologically formations created thousands years ago combined with the right temperature and oxygen rich water created this unique archipelago only comparable to those islands found in the southern pacific. After commercial fishing was abandoned some 4 years ago the underwater life has improved and can now be compared to Christopher Columbus's description when he first saw the place.
The un-surveyed flats are spectacular fishing grounds. Teeming with bone and game fish, there is no better place in the Caribbean to go fishing.
There’s a lot more to do than just wondering what kind of fish life there is in those turquoise crystal clear waters. Non fishing guests can just relax in the warm sun and take in the magnificence of the nature that abounds all around them.


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