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Chapi Macabi Fishing Los RoquesLos Roques Archipielago, which lies 80 miles off Venezuela's mailand, on the Caribbean Sea, considered among the best bonefishing places in the world. It is the most exciting bonefishing discovery since christmas island.

You will stay in one of our partner lodges: Natura Viva, Macanao or Acuarela which all have modern and spacious rooms, private bathrooms, electric fans, air conditioning + comfortable beds, outstanding meals, open bar and other amenities. A desalinator plant that now yields 2200 gallons of fresh water on Gran Roque (Main Island).

Experienced anglers have landed and released fithteen and more bonefish in a single day, when weather conditions were favorable. Even novices (who have never seen a fish before) have been very successful at Los Roques.

Most bonefish will weigh three to five pounds, but anglers often hook bones considerably larger; several ten pounders have been landed.

No matter how one fish for Bonefish, perphaps the most challenging way is to wade the flats, spot tailing fish, creep slowly within casting distance and then make a presentation. If the fish is not starled, it will most likely pick-up a jig or fly, and within seconds, the angler is hooked to a miniature express train. Conventional tackle Anglers can choose to fish from the boat at deeper areas, where huge schools of feeding bonefish can be found, 30 or more catches can be expected in a short period of time. Regardless of their size, bonefish can strip more line, faster than any other fish of comparable.

We have three 28 FT Macabi fiberglass boats available equipped with: 2 Yamaha 75 HP engines, radios VHF (in constant comunication with the Main Island), all emergency devices and tee-tops.

The Archipielago consist of fortyeight cays or island, and when viewed from a plane, they look like a string of pearls against the azure blue of the Caribbean Los Roques has been designated as a National Park, thus, no new building can be constructed on the islands.

Besides Bonefish, anglers will be tempted by Barracuda, Mackerel, Pompano, Permit, Tarpon, Snapper, and other species.

Good fishing is not the only part of the excitement at Los Roques. Non-angling guests will enjoy the Caribbean's casual atmosphere, plus take part in activies such as swimming and snorkeling.