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FishingThe huge number of flats at Los Roques offers more wading and stalking opportunities than almost any other saltwater fishing location. Some are vast, some are just small ‘pancakes’. And some are idyllic beach flats where the bonefish are constantly on the look out for crustacean and baitfish. Fishing in Los Roques is a dream of the ultimate sporting adventure, wading in transparent azure and turquoise waters lapping against virgin white coral sands.
The stalking of bonefish by wading the flats is such a feature of Los Roques that fishermen are accompanied by both a guide and a boatman. While you are fishing, the boatman will move his ‘panga’ to the other end of the flats to meet you there, and to save the sometimes long walk back, against the wind.
Bonefish average 3-5lbs, with double figure catches not infrequent. Stalking them with one of our knowledgeable guides generates alternating panics of anxiety followed by deliria of excitement.

While Los Roques has traditionally been a Bonefish destination par excellence, Tarpon are being caught in increasing numbers, in sizes up to 80-100lbs, sometimes along the beach in front of the Lodge. And the elusive Permit can often be discovered cruising slowly and temptingly over the outer edges of the flats in a way such as to say ‘catch me if you can’.
In addition to fishing the ‘traditional three’, there is a wealth of other species. Many varieties of Jack, Barracuda, Snook, Snapper, Pompano and Spanish mackerel, will rise equally well to the fly or to light spinning tackle. And then there are the blue water species out on the reef such as tuna, wahoo, etc.
Finally, the most recent species to become the prey of the avid flyfisherman is the unlikely, coral feeding Parrot Fish. This fish, with its small mouth and vice-like jaws, is as much of a challenge as a Permit, but has the advantage of not spooking as easily.