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not fishing todayLos Roques is in itself an extremely popular and exclusive destination and should be considered a perfect family Caribbean retreat that just happens to host some world class salt water fly fishing. Powdery sand and sun rule and the options for an idyllic sunshine holiday beckon. Whilst some non-fishing partners prefer to be left to their own on a secluded beach or island many prefer to take advantage of the boat as an ideal way to view the archipelago and all it has to offer. It has even been known for some to take advantage of the services provided by our excellent guides and many an unwary Bonefish has become a personal first for those willing to give it a try.
Almost all the population lives on the island of el Gran Roque, and this is where the guest accommodations and airstrip are located. Just three sandy streets wind between colorful family homes, tiny stores, and the posadas (inns). The central Plaza Bolivar is ground zero for all community celebrations and the place for lively social gatherings. Here tourists and locals mingle to dance barefooted, a potpourri of salsa, rock-n-roll, tango and popular tunes played from a turntable that is rolled onto the plaza most weekends and on holidays. The sensual dance of the drums is also a common occurrence in the plaza and in the fishermen’s homes that line the streets.

Diving & Snorkeling
The fish are not the only ones to benefit from the super abundance of marine life at Los Roques. With its numerous protected cays and varied coral reefs, el Parque Nacional Archipielago Los Roques is also one of the best destinations in the world for scuba diving, and there are several certified scuba diving services/instructors from which to choose. If however you would prefer the simplicity and freedom of just a mask and snorkel then you will find the opportunities on offer for the snorkeling enthusiast are boundless along the miles of coral banks in crystalline clear water.

Windsurfing & Kitesurfing
The constant cooling trade winds and the relatively shallow waters of many of the cays provide unrivalled conditions for honing your skills at either of these sports.

The scenes of frenzied feeding that you will witness every day by many of the ninety-two species of birds including the blue-eyed brown booby, pelicans, laughing gulls, frigate birds, terns, lapwings, plovers, and great blue-and white-necked herons should satisfy all but the most ardent and exotic of bird-watchers. The sight of 50+ pelicans rising into the air and simultaneously folding back their wings and diving into the minnow balls never ceases to amaze.

Additional Travel Options in Venezuela
If you are interested in viewing the Angel Falls or seeing some of the sights and sounds on the mainland please let us know and we will be happy to suggest additional travel packages.