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Getting to Los RoquesGetting to Los Los Roques is an easy, safe and fast flight.

A national flight from Caracas (Estimated time 35 minutes).

Price is currently between $255 – $360 per person (roundtrip) depending on season with Los Roques airlines, Chapi Air, Blu Star or LTA, leaving from the National Airport in Maiquetia at the beginning of the national which is on the right side of the International Airport.. LRA Airlines, aerotuy / aerocaribe.

Air ticket, (round trip per person):
Monday to Thursday $255 – $295.
Friday to Sunday $295 – $365.
Full day without service (roundtrip the same day per person):
Monday through Friday (single ticket) $255.
Saturdays and Sundays $280.
Full day including: Ask for a Quote!

Return ticket Los Roques / Maiquetia, lunch, soft drinks, parasol, beach chairs and assistance in Los Roques including transfer to the Island of Francisqui in Penero.
Monday through Thursdays $295.
Saturdays and Sundays and holidays $310.
Air ticket, one way (per person)
Monday to Thursday $225.
Friday to Sundays and holidays $230.

These prices do not include airport taxes (around $12 per person)….
Luggage allowed by passenger is 10 kg.

Reservations: Minimum 1 week before planned departure.

Commercial Flights used: AeroCaribe / AeroTuy / LRA

National terminal of the Airport Simon Bolivar of Maiquetía, door nº 1 (east side), counter nº 31, 32, 33.